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Jewelry Buyer's Guides

Welcome to the Zales Outlet's Jewelry Buyer's Guides! We've assembled a series of helpful articles and resources to assist you in your search for the ideal piece of jewelry. Whether you're looking for a diamond engagement ring, a set of wedding bands or even a fashion pendant or earrings, our Jewelry Buyer's Guide will provide you the information you need to navigate the world of fine jewelry.

Selecting the perfect piece of jewelry requires careful consideration of style, personal taste and budget. Many times it can feel overwhelming to consider all the choices in metals, diamonds and gemstones. We understand how intimidating it can be. So we encourage you to peruse our buying guide which covers basic jewelry education and information on topics including:

With the knowledge gained from the Jewelry Buying Guide, you'll be able to confidently purchase that special piece for yourself or for a loved one. At Zales Outlet, it's our goal to help you find that ring, necklace or bracelet that is as beautiful as it is meaningful.